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Geo-caching adventure


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Although the snow is finally starting to fall in Tahoe, there still isn't enough piled up around the lake for snowshoeing, so today we decided to hike locally up on Prison Hill (yes, overlooking the Nevada State Prison) on BLM land in Carson City and search out a few geo-caches. Searching the maps around Carson, there are HUNDREDS of caches!

Several months ago, I went on a couple night caches. That was loads of fun as the caches were in the desert and lit with tiny reflectors that were only visble when your flashlight swept across them.

Anyway, today was a perfect day for a hike. Mid 40's, overcast, cloudy skies. Perfect for adventure...perfect for treasure hunting.


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Aaron Zagrodnick

I've actually never tried out geocaching but it looks like a pretty good time - Might have to give it a shot! Here's to hoping that someone enjoys an unexpected TrailGroove sticker! :D

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