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Grand Canyon hiking outside NPS?


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Hey TrailGroove users, 

I'm planning a road trip this coming August and was hoping to include some time backpacking in the Grand Canyon area. I'll have my dog in tow, and I assume that Grand Canyon NP is the same as other National Parks and dogs aren't allowed, so I am trying to find a trail or wilderness area outside the National Park system that we will both be welcome on. Haven't had much luck with Google. 

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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Check out some of the hikes in the San Francisco Peaks that allow dogs. Mt Humphrey summit trail from the Snow Bowl allows leashed pets. I've observed leashed dogs on this hike and asked two people who said it was legal when the dog is leashed. Take the side trail to Aggasiz Peak and possibly down the Weatherford Tr.    You may be able, although I don't 100% know, if dogs are allowed on the Weathered Tr portion. Taking the trail up from Snow Bowl and different descent trail like the Weatherford is what I like for a more diverse summiting/hike experience. 

Check out the Kachina Peaks 

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