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The Story of Thru-hiker Trevor Thomas (aka Zero Zero) and Tennille

Aaron Zagrodnick

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Aaron Zagrodnick

At 5:30am Trevor Thomas sits cross-legged in the entrance of his tent, blind eyes turned toward the dawn. Wrapped in a sleeping bag against the chill Rocky Mountain air at 12,000 feet, sipping coffee, his disheveled longish hair, week-old stubble, and wispy mustache give him a rock-starish, had-a-hard-night kind of look. In a few moments, sunlight will touch Trevor’s face and reset his “circadian rhythm,” the inner clock that regulates mind and body. The purity of that first kiss of light in the morning and last in the evening, the caress of its passing arc overhead, and the sense of normalcy, and being in sync with the sighted world that the sunlight brings – that’s one of the things that keeps bringing the blind hiker into the lonesome woods...

@dean krakel shares this story of a hike with Trevor Thomas and guidedog Tennille, check out the full story below in Issue 32:

Blind Love on Colorado’s Collegiate Loop: The Story of Zero Zero and Tennille

The Story of Thruhiker Trevor Thomas - Zero Zero and Tennille.JPG

Issue 32 Page 1

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