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Rattlesnake Arches-Fruita, Colorado


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While Utah gets all the glory for its desert scenery, Colorado has its own desert splendor.  Rattlesnake Canyon near Fruita offers the densest concentration of arches outside of Arches NP.  There's also numerous canyons and plenty of striated red rock sandstone towers and features.  Click my blog link below for the full  gallery with many pictures and the full in depth trip report.


Below are just a few photos, click the link above for the full report and gallery.


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I will echo your sentiments as to western/desert areas of Colorado presenting a whole different aspect from what one thinks of for the state.  I lived in the Colorado front range (Denver area) since 1978 until February 2016, when I retired and moved to western Colorado (Montrose).  I have started exploring desert hiking, and like you it now intrigues me.  I actually hiked the first part of your route (up to the trail intersection about 1.5 miles before the end, and so missed the arches, but was treated to the rest of the wonderful scenery.  I will be back, and complete the hike to the arches (which I had heard about from some locals).  Not sure if I will take the 4WD road, or do the 12 mile route.  As you say, it's not a hike to do in the summer months--fall or spring is the time!    Thanks for posting the excellent pictures.

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