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Visiting Canada in 2017? Get a free National Parks pass


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If you are visiting Canada anytime in 2017, you can get a free National Parks pass that is good at all national parks and is good for all occupants in your vehicle. This promotion is to help celebrate Canada's 150th birthday and is available to everyone from anywhere and includes free shipping of the Parks pass to you. An annual pass is normally about $100 for a family and this free pass is good at every National Park in Canada and valid until December 31, 2107. Backcountry campground and front country camping fees still apply but entry is free.

If ordering, please be patient waiting for your pass to arrive. I ordered mine in early February and just received it today. 

You can order your free pass online at:



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Thanks for the heads up! I ordered mine and am now planning my long-desired backpacking trip to Banff NP this summer. Now to start researching trails... So excited!

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Aaron Zagrodnick

Thanks for the info Paul, have been meaning to get back and do some more backpacking and further exploring in Canada...not sure if 2017 is the year yet but will keep this in mind!

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