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Ideas needed for 70 mile trip with solitude, water and scenery!


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I am looking for a 70ish mile backpacking trip. I'd prefer a loop, but would do a point to point with a safe, reliable shuttle. I want serious solitude, plentiful water, and beautiful scenery.
We have done Big South Fork, Foothills, Linville Gorge, Shenandoah, Mt Rogers, Cranberry Wilderness, and Quehanna. We fell in love with the scenery around Big South Fork, and want to see more like that but the Red River Gorge is entirely to overpopulated for us.
We are open to any and all ideas.
Sheltowee Trace? What section?
Pisgah National Forest? What part?
Part of the Mountains to Sea Trail? 
Dolly Sods.....I don't think we can get anywhere near our milage.
Somewhere in the Smokies, away from people?

Many thanks!

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I don't have much experience around there but you could probably do a section of the Benton Mackaye, the Nantahala National Forest area is really cool. There is also the Shawnee National Forest in Southern Illinois but there may be quite a bit of people as it's a popular rock climbing place in some areas. It does have a 160 mile trail in it though that would probably be cool. For a shorter but very pretty area there is the Sipsey Wilderness in northern Alabama, sometimes it is solitary, sometimes it isn't, and it is rather small but it's beautiful. I've been wanting to go to Big South Fork for a while, I never went when I lived in Tennessee but my girlfriends family lives fairly close so whenever we visit I would love to head up there. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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What time of year are you talking about? Can you avoid weekends?

A big loop in Big South Fork would be pretty easy to put together and over 70 miles you could hit a lot of highlights.

Depending on the time of year, I can go days in the smokies without seeing anyone (or at least without feeling overcrowded like RRG).

Have you ever been to Joyce Kilmer/Slickrock and Citico Wildernesses? It is pretty easy to get off the beaten path there, especially if you aren't going on a weekend in July.

I just remembered your name, I would also check the similar thread you started a year ago. That sounds mean, but I don't mean it that way. There were a lot of good suggestions there.

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Thanks! It will be late May, which unfortunately we can't change, We have done the TN side of Big South Fork, and really fell in love with it.  We have not been to Kilmer, but that is a great idea, I'll look into trails. I will also go back and re-read the previous ideas, thanks! I appreciate it, I had forgotten I had posted. :-)

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