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Ozark Mountains - Recommendations Please!


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I'm in the beginning/research phase of planning a Spring trip to the Ozark Mountains, a region I've always wanted to go explore!  In my research I'm finding out it's quite vast, obviously, but so are the options regarding activities, things and places to see and do, etc.  I'm wondering if there are any individuals who have visited the Ozarks and could provide tips in terms of building a plan around 4-5 days to backpack, fish, and camp; preferably with as little other human contact as possible!  Typically, we like to be more off the grid, and not near the touristy towns and crowded campgrounds like you'd find by most of the state camp sites, etc.  Are there any opportunities that are led by maybe an independent or family-owned service?  I've heard you can do several day float trips via Canoe/kayak and then just make your way toward a pickup location by day x...and then the business would back haul you to your vehicles, etc...something along those lines.

What we'd like is some low-down on kind of which area of the Ozarks we could visit to go fishing, canoeing and camping for 4-5 days without seeing too many others, or at least as close to that as is achievable within the Ozarks...that would be a great start.  Thanks in advance!!


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