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On the Offtrail in the Wind River Range

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What good is the sun breaking through the clouds on a chilly fall day without days and nights of rain, snow, and cold to give it sweetness? Or so a similar saying goes from one of my favorite authors. As I’d be reminded of on this trip, the sun is very sweet indeed after several days of backpacking in the cold and wet mountains of Wyoming. But with a back and forth forecast before our trip, who really knew what lay ahead. Paul Magnanti and I had planned a point to point  September hike in the Wind River Range – a time of the year that typically features solitude,  fall color, and cool sunny perfect hiking days with crisp nights. One of the best times to backpack in the mountains really. But fall can also be a gambler’s delight...

Recounting a past backpacking trip through a chilly and wet Wind River Range, find the full article below in Issue 33:

On the Offtrail

On the Offtrail in the Wind River Range of Wyoming.JPG

Issue 33 Page 1

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Tough country that makes an impression on people.  Notorious for bad weather and insects, it can be hard to navigate.  Keep your wits about you in the Winds. 

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