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MSR WindPro II Revew


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The WindPro II from MSR is a remote canister stove that allows for either more standard upright or inverted use of standard isobutane / propane fuel canisters by use of a swiveling mechanism at the point of fuel canister attachment. The stove is listed at  a 6.6 ounce minimum / 10.3 ounce packed weight, with 3 legs that collapse together for packing and a remote fuel attachment / adjustment that features a handy clip-on stand for easier inverted canister usage. This made in Seattle stove does not include a built-in igniter. A windscreen, stand, maintenance tool, and stuff sack are all included. At a listed weight somewhere in the half pound range and with an actual weigth of 7.25 ounces (with the clip-on canister stand) for the stove, plus its fair amount of bulk, the WindPro 2 may not be the lightweight backpacker’s most favorite choice when packing prior to a trip and when carrying all that gear down the trail, but the weight pays off in camp and when the temperatures drop...

We review this year-round capable canister stove from MSR, find the full review below in Issue 33:

MSR WIndPro II Review

MSR WindPro II Inverted Canister Stove Review.JPG

Issue 33 Page 1

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I just ordered a similar remote canister stove, the Kovea Spider, and am interested in seeing how it performs.

Is there a reason you chose a remote canister stove over a white gas stove for winter use Aaron?

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Interested to hear how the Kovea works out! I actually have an old MSR Whisperlite packed away somewhere, but since I'm using a canister stove for 3 season use I always have a lot of canisters...and melting snow makes short work of using up all those partial ones that seem to build up. :) I also really like the convenience - no spilled fuel, easier priming process, etc.

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