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Steve and the Long Haul

Aaron Zagrodnick

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Aaron Zagrodnick

My decision to leave the Denver Post and walk The Colorado Trail wasn’t easy. After years of upheaval – divorce, job loss, bankruptcy – I’d found stability at the Post. I loved my job, regular paychecks, and all the perks of steady employment, including a mortgage. Now, struck with an urgent restlessness, I was leaving all that behind to follow a trail’s siren song 567 miles into an uncertain future. Sometimes the idea of a middle aged space walk at age 62 was exhilarating. Sometimes frightening. The internal job versus trail debate was still ongoing the rainy spring morning my friend Steve Campbell called. Despite distance and twisting career paths our friendship had spanned 30 years...

@dean krakel shares this story of hiking, and his journey with his friend Steve, through the years. Read below in Issue 33:

Steve and the Long Haul, a Last Hike on the Colorado Trail

Steve and the Long Haul, a Last Hike on the Colorado Trail.JPG

Issue 33 Page 1

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