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Backpacking Along the International Appalachian Trail

Aaron Zagrodnick

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Aaron Zagrodnick

The International Appalachian Trail (IAT) is different from most long distance hiking trails. It isn’t linear but seeks to connect regions and go beyond borders. The trail is based on the historic concept of the location of the Appalachian Mountains from many years ago. The IAT is maintained by 20 chapters as designated by provincial and government organizations. Long term plans may extend the trail’s distance to ~20,000 miles. I had the opportunity to hike a relatively short section of trail in Newfoundland (~75 miles) that is called the UltramaTrex. The IAT in this area is typically not a defined path, but an off-trail route. Paul Wylezol, Chairperson for the IAT, highly recommended this route and has stated that it “spans the ultramafic sections of the four Bay of Island Ophiolites.” While not a geologist, I found the interesting geology is a nice bonus to the supreme scenery and wildness of Newfoundland...

@Eric reports back on this very scenic trip to the IAT in Newfoundland, read the full article in Issue 33:

International Appalachian Trail: UltramaTrex

Backpacking Along the International Appalachian Trail.JPG

Issue 33 Page 1

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