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The powerful, bison-hunting Mollies, and the formidable Druids. The Canyons and their leader, the legendary white Alpha female. The Lamars, Junction Buttes, and more. You’ll find all the past and present Yellowstone packs and their members—the most famous population of wolves on the planet—in a ground-breaking new resource produced by the Wolf Genealogy Project.

Imagine a family tree made up of generations upon generations of wolves beginning with the reintroduction of Canis lupus into Yellowstone in 1995. Add the life story, image, and lineage of every tndividual; the pups, the outcasts, the master elk hunters, the leaders, and the challengers. Packs disbanding, new ones forming, and details numbering in the thousands. This is the Wolf Genealogy Tree: online, enormous in scope, and the first of its kind in the world.

The Project Team presents this comprehensive resource as a free public service. We invite you to immerse yourself in the wild whether you’re a veteran wolf watcher or are exploring the world of these remarkable animals for the first time. Teachers, researchers, and wolf fans everywhere are welcome. Go to www.wolfgenes.info to learn more about the project, and select the Ancestry tab to register for access to the Wolf Genealogy Tree.

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Wolf introductions remain controversial especially for people that live with. 

Yellowstone is a wonderful place and I have been going since 1955.  My Dad first went in 1938, driving his grandparents out from Seattle when he as 14 in a 1934 Ford.

I have watched wolves with large groups of people in Lamar Valley.  It is not ideal to me that the packs and individuals have names and that people follow them around with radios.  If we appreciate the wildness that wolves represent, then we should go to some effort to leave them alone. 

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