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Hiking the Canyons of Utah

Aaron Zagrodnick

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Aaron Zagrodnick

Canyons are compelling for reasons I rarely consider on a conscious level. Like no other terrain they attract me with an intrigue born of curiosity and an underlying sense of danger. The potential for flash floods, snakebite, falls, and losing my way brings an edge to the experience of walking a path between walls of stone, not knowing what’s around the next bend – this is the essence of a canyon. Slot canyons compound the appeal – their narrow, sinuous heights enclose me as I probe their depths, not satisfied until I’m forced to turn around by an impassable wall, a pool of water too deep for wading, or the limits of time. It would be safe to say I’m captured by canyon hunger, and what better place to feed that appetite than the Colorado Plateau of the United States...

@Susan Dragoo with a report and info on hiking a collection of canyons in southern Utah - find the full article below in Issue 34:


Hiking the Canyons of Utah - Red - Peekaboo - Bryce - Escalante and Buckskin

Issue 34 Page 1

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