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Jargon 34: Mountain Pass

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Humans have long sought routes through mountains for travel, trade, and warfare. Archaeologists recently unearthed evidence that suggests that in 218 B.C., Hannibal and his army crossed the Alps at a pass now called Col de Traversette. While we're less likely to travel with 30,000 soldiers, 37 elephants, and 15,000 horses and mules these days, we still seek low spots when moving through mountains. In simplest terms, a pass is the lowest point between...

@AndreaL breaks down the differences in mountain terminology from passes to saddles to cols - take a look in our latest jargon installment below in Issue 34:

Jargon 34: Passes

Difference and Meaning of Mountain Pass and Saddle, Col, Gap and Notch

Issue 34 Page 1

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