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Backpacking and Hiking Podcasts

Aaron Zagrodnick

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Aaron Zagrodnick

For any hobby with more than a half-dozen participants, there seems to be a podcast dedicated to examining the nuances and minutia of it. Backpacking and hiking are no exception. Once trail running is tossed into the mix you end up with almost as many options for podcasts as you have for daypacks when browsing the racks at your local gear shop. As with any piece of art or entertainment, reviewing podcasts is certainly subjective and a matter of opinion, but after “testing” several outdoor recreation themed podcasts there are two that really stand out...

In our latest backpacking and hiking media installment, @Mark details the podcasts available to the hiking listener - find the full article in Issue 34:

Media 34: Podcasts

Backpacking and Hiking Podcasts

Issue 34 Page 1

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