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Various Mountain Hikes - Trip Reports


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Hi all, 

For a charity I'm attempting to summit the highest point in each state. 

I have pictures, and blogs about all the climbs that we've done so far here.

It has a report from: 

Mt. Elbert in Colorado

Guadalupe Peak in Texas

Wheeler Peak in New Mexico

Black Mesa in Oklahoma

Humphrey's Peak in Arizona

If anyone has any technical climbing experience and wants to teach let me know. Eventually I'm going to have to do things like Mt. Hood and Granite Peak, etc. :)

Happy trails!


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I suggest climbing Mt. Rainier with guides next July (will need to make reservations in the next couple months). They will teach you what you need to know. Hood & Gannett won't be too hard after that (Edit disclaimer: Hood is easy on a good day, kills people on a bad. I haven't climbed Gannett but it is a big mountain with a technical scramble and exposure. The glacier part doesn't sound difficult - not roped up all day negotiating giant crevasses like Rainier.).

Climbing Denali requires spending 3 weeks on the ice and is quite expensive.

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