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Thru-hiking the East Coast Trail of Newfoundland

Aaron Zagrodnick

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Aaron Zagrodnick

I crawled out of my tent as the sunrise pierced through the clouds over the ocean. I began to pack up camp from the semi-sheltered area that was discovered the day before. Surprisingly my tent hadn’t blown down in the wind and rain during the night. Soon I was on the trail and munching on some breakfast, but pausing for some trailside fresh berries. Impressive waves crashed and roared down far below. Rounding a cove, I looked back to a small beach, only accessible by way of scenic waterfalls flowing over cliffs. Deciding not to risk it, I continued on enjoying the fresh ocean air as the rocky coastline was illuminated by the morning light. Climbing up, I reached a viewpoint over a towering gulch. The sense of the wild was inspiring and invigorating, but this was just the start of an ordinary day on Newfoundland’s East Coast Trail. The Avalon Peninsula in Newfoundland has been...

@Eric details this hike of the East Coast Trail, read below in Issue 35:

Thru-Hiking the East Coast Trail

Thru-hiking Newfoundland's East Coast Trail

Issue 35 Page 1


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Jim Fitzgerald

Great article Eric, thanks for helping to let people know about the East Coast Trail.  For anyone who is interested in coming to Newfoundland, the best time to see icebergs and whales is around June and July.  

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