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Hiking Carrizo and Picture Canyon in Oklahoma and Colorado

Aaron Zagrodnick

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Aaron Zagrodnick

“Half of Colorado is beautiful and half of it is ugly, and the same is true for Oklahoma. But people only talk about the beautiful half of Colorado and the ugly half of Oklahoma.” Our friend, Steve, said this as we dined together in downtown Aspen, and he is a man who knows, as a fellow native of Oklahoma and longtime resident of Aspen, Colorado. While I think calling any of it ugly is harsh (although, understandably, if you live in Aspen everything pales by comparison), Steve has a point about the way folks view the two states. There’s no need to repeat all the good press Colorado deservedly receives for its scenery. And it may be a similar restatement of the obvious to note that Oklahoma hasn’t shaken its Dust Bowl image in spite of its diverse, well watered terrain...

In Issue 35, @Susan Dragoo details Picture and Carrizo canyons and the hiking and exploration opportunities within - read below:

Empty Spaces, Hidden Adventure: Canyon Country in Oklahoma and Colorado

Hiking in Carrizo and Picture Canyon, Colorado and Oklahoma

Issue 35 Page 1

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