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REI Helio 55 sack


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Got one 1-2 yrs ago and love it. I use a marmot 15F for colder months, but yea use the REI helio( long version I'm 6ft) and it's great for the price. I'd say 40-45F with a ground pad, baselayers on and raincover on your tent is even okay and you'll want to try since it's lighter and capable enough than other bags for the price. I like it has the stuffsack/ breathable longer sack as one. Very convenient, as my marmot I have to repack every time coming or going in the separate bags. You can get your feet and one arm out of the helio if you choose to get up and go the bathroom at night( I don't because I'm too sleepy to want to worry about picking it up from dragging or getting caught on something). I do use that feature sometimes though in the am and stay wrapped up in cold weather and sit on some rocks at the campsite while heating up some coffee and breakfast. Quality is pretty good, rei customer service if something like a zipper goes bad though anyways, but I've had no problems with zippers or materials. Good feel material too, not too cool or warm to skin. doesn't condensate sweat or humidity too much either. Two thumbs up. 

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