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Older Rokk Yukon Sleeping bag


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Hello, I'm new here so I'll apologize if I'm making etiquette mistakes.

I have an older Rokk Yukon sleeping bag and the tag that shows the specs on it has been gone for a very long time. I'm wondering if anyone can tell me any specifics about this bag? Specifically about the fill. I've look al over the interwebs and it seems as if the company has gone out of business.

I believe it's a synthetic fill but not sure. It was purchased back in early 2000 for a Scout trip to Philmont and has been used very little since. The bag is heavy at 4.8 lbs and is a mummy style bag. I know that for me around the 40 degree mark i was sweating in it, so it's a very warm bag, but again, other than what I've said here I'm in the dark about this. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated,



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I've never heard of that brand at all, but if you haven't found out any information yet my best advice would be to do a google search and see if some old "book" results come up for Backpacker magazine.  I've been able to find specs on some old gear that way, either through an article, ad slick, or an entry in their annual buyer's guide.  4.8 pounds sounds like it may be old Hollofil or Quallofil.  You should be able to feel the difference between any type of synthetic and down just by pinching & kneading it, sometimes holding it up against sunlight.

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