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Highest peaks that physically fit beginner hikers can climb in the upper US rockies?


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Planning a trip to the Northern US Rockies: WY, ID, and WA. We're not climbers but I'm really interested in mountaineering. I don't have the skillset yet to do serious climbs, but I guess I'm just wondering what some of the highest peaks are that are accessible to physically fit novices. Multiple days is ok. Thanks guys!

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In late summer, most of the 14ers in Colorado can be climbed mostly on trails. 

Same with the Sierras.

In the Cascades it is a different story with permanent snow and ice. 

The Tetons are somewhat technical.  There are some peaks in Idaho that have a lot of snow depending on the year. 

Choose some peaks and look them up in a guidebook. 

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Physically fit at sea level, may not feel so good at 14,000 feet.  It takes time to adjust your body to elevation.  Rapid ascents can be physically dangerous.  Do some reading about the potential hazards. 

The weather at upper elevations can be terrible even in the middle of summer.  Make sure you bring clothing and enough equipment to spend the night if you have to.  Snow can occur at any time. 

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