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Clean sitting water filter


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Hello All,

A very quick question related to water filters. I have the Sawyer Squeeze and i haven't used it in probably close to 6-7 months but i'm about to go on a hike where i will need it. Because it has been sitting so long i want to clean the filter thoroughly so i don't have to worry about getting sick on the trail. I saw one post that suggested to use a cap of bleach in 1 liter of water and squeeze it though the filter. That sounds like it would clean the filter very well but will it harm the filter? I understand that i will flush more clean water to remove the bleach from the filter but im worried that the bleach might ruin the filter. Of course other suggestions for cleaning a sitting water filter will be awesome if you know one. Your advice is appreciated. 


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Aaron Zagrodnick

Looks like Sawyer is calling for about what you described: using the Sawyer Squeeze pouch cap itself, add that measure of bleach to the pouch full of water:


It shouldn't take much, as an example on my Platypus GravityWorks for disinfection and long term storage they suggest using just 2 drops of regular, non-scented etc. bleach in a liter and passing that through the filter. Good idea to backwash the filter, then run some water through in the normal direction as well if it's been sitting a while so you know what to expect in regards to the flow rate.

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That's what i hoped to hear. I appreciate the help and conformation that its ok to put a cap full of bleach in the filter. Gonna clean it this weekend to prepare for the hike. 

Thanks for the help. 

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