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Fisher Towers

John B

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I had an appointment last Friday in Grand Junction, and decided not to waste an hour's drive--so made an additional 70 minute drive from there to the Fisher Towers in Utah (south on state route 128 about 25 miles from it's junction with I-70).  There is a well marked trailhead 2 miles off 128 on a well maintained gravel road.   The trail is well-maintained and 2.2 miles one way to a view point, while contouring around the huge Fisher towers--desert sandstone monoliths which are a favorite of rock climbers from near and far.  I don't claim the ability to climb these things, but they are very impressive to get a close up view of.  The largest (the Titan) is 900 feet tall!   Here are some pictures:  Also, link to all pictures here:  pix.sfly.com/3RbssEeR




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forgot to include link to all pictures
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