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I frequently read the forum for tips and advice. So I was wondering if anyone had any advice on vests/front packs. I like the idea of easy access front storage, but I'm not looking to add too much bulk. A buddy recommended a Ribz front pack and it looked good, but I wasn't too keen the large fanny pack style. When I was checking them out I came across a newer company, Revamp Gear, which make a cool vest pack. I like the versatility of both of them and they both seem to work by themselves or with backpacks but the styles are a little different. 

Just curious if anyone had any experience with either?


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Thanks and yes I have tried and do own the Multi-Pack. A couple years back, I was introduced to it from this forum. I do use it quite a bit. I'm just looking for something a little different in this next purchase. 

I ordered the vest pack by Revamp Gear and it should be delivered today!! I'll give you an update after I get a chance to try it out. 

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