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Backpacking the Loowit Trail

Aaron Zagrodnick

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Aaron Zagrodnick

Like most Americans who were raised in the East and born after the mid 1970s or so, volcanoes are something I associate with middle school science classes and dramatic pictures of Mount Saint Helens and its 1980 eruption. Even after I became enthralled with backpacking and natural landscapes after frequent trips to the sandstone wonderlands of the Cumberland Plateau and the forested slopes of the ancient Appalachian Mountains, hiking around a volcano seemed like a ludicrously exotic experience. When I got the chance to actually hike around a volcano last summer, the experience proved to be even more ludicrously exotic than I could have imagined. While a volcano as dramatic, powerful, and prominent as Mount Saint Helens needs no introduction, I feel compelled, in the interest of quality to journalism, to provide at a least a brief overview of the mountain and the Loowit Trail. One of six stratovolcanoes in Washington, Mount Saint Helens is widely known for its May 1980 eruption. Prior to eruption, the mountain had an elevation of approximately 9,600 feet. After the eruption, the elevation was reduced to approximately 8,363 feet...

@Mark recounts the experience and scenery of backpacking the Loowit Trail in Washington State, check out the full article below in Issue 37:

The Loowit Trail: An Otherworldly Hike

Backpacking the Loowit Trail around Mt. Saint Helens

Issue 37 Page 1

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