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Aaron Zagrodnick

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Such a dilemma, right? You tell one guy, he tells ten others.

I don’t have the answer. But when I spearfish, we don’t share our spots. Period.

It is perfectly acceptable to lie to your best friend about how good a spot is or lie that you didn’t get fish when you have a full freezer.

If I put in the time to find something special I feel no compunction to share. And know doing so degrades it.

On the other hand, it is nice to hike or dive with my buddies. Crap.

Really the only solution is to ONLY tell people who can keep their mouth shut too?

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I'm disappointed with REI's decision, which is purely political. They didn't have a problem with it before and now all of a sudden they do. Let's not forget, despite one's opinions about the NRA as a whole, they offer a wide range of safety courses, including hunting courses. The NRA is very connected to the outdoor community and does a lot to promote safety, education, and training.

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