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Question about hiking plans


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Hi, I'm Luck a Polish man currently based in London UK.

 For many years now I've dreamt to do the throughike on the AT. Yet, I'm afraid that with my slow pace the whole thing may take me more than 6 months and this is a maximum length of US visa. Hence the question, Does anyone here knows a non American who did the entire AT ? If so, how did they do it ?

I will be grateful for any answers. Thank you ; ).

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Aaron Zagrodnick

You would probably want to plan on 6 months or less anyway in regards to weather considerations and in regards to Baxter State Park opening and closing dates, and that is just 12 miles and change a day...about 6 hours of hiking - your pace would likely pick up as you go along as well. If not though, maybe section hiking it over the course of 2 years could be a good course of action - that way you can take any pace you want and are still hiking in the best weather.

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