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Rainy Day Gear Tips and Strategy

Aaron Zagrodnick

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Aaron Zagrodnick

While we can hope that a good forecast holds or we luck out and enjoy blue sunny skies on our next backpacking trip, inevitably a trip will fall during a stretch of rainy weather – and we all know that good forecasts don’t always work out quite as planned. Rainy weather adds a new set of challenges a hiker must prepare for, and when chilly weather is added to the equation you have some of the most challenging weather conditions a backpacker will face. But if it’s afternoon mountain showers or a multi-day early fall cold front that greets us, with the proper attitude, approach, and the right set of gear a rainy day – or even a string of them – can be dealt with on the trail without a cloud hanging over the trip. More important than staying dry, it’s important to stay warm – but to some extent staying dry and warm go hand in hand. Rain gear is the first part of be equation. Various options exist from ponchos than offer great ventilation all on their own and no matter the breathability level of the fabric, but the standard rain jacket and pants combo is the most popular option. Some hikers will also utilize...

In this Issue 38 article we take a look at rain gear, strategies, and tips for backpacking and hiking in rain and through those high precipitation days on the trail. Check out the full article below in Issue 38:

Rainy Day Backpacking: Dealing with the Deluge

Backpacking in the Rain - How to.JPG

Issue 38 Page 1

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