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Trail Tip 38: Bear Canister Cooler

Aaron Zagrodnick

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Aaron Zagrodnick

While a camp stool is perhaps the most popular multi-use application for a bear canister, this tip is best suited for short trips when you're trying to put an emphasis on good food and cold beverages. Bear canisters are a piece of gear added, reluctantly, to the kit of most backpackers only when required for an upcoming trip. However, if you're wanting to freshen things up in regard to food and don't mind some added weight, the underappreciated bear canister can help you turn your first night into a feast. There's something satisfying about eating a meal better suited to car camping – like beef or chicken wrapped in foil with vegetables mixed in and cooked over coals...

Another use for the bear canister, in Issue 38 @Mark details how to use your bear can as a cooler on the trail. Check out the full tip in Issue 38:

Bear Canister Cooler

Using a Bear Canister as a Cooler.JPG

Issue 38 Page 1

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