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Backpack partner(s) or Trail Shuttles in Pisgah, Nantahala, or Croatan Forests


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I'm Max and I backpack with my dog, Copper, along the MST.  Normally we park at our finish point then uber about 30 miles down the road and walk back for the weekend; however, we recently starting getting further out from Asheville and had a "no uber available" situation.  Hitching a ride as a dude with a dog went about as expected, so I'd like to make some friends out in the area! Either that want to join so we can drive a car to the start and leave one at the finish or just a network of people who will exchange rides to our start for money, post or pre trail beers/coffee/dinner/breakfast, friendship, 30 minutes of silent driving with me and Copper in your passenger seat, whatever floats your boat really.

If interested let me know! Copper and I are training up for a 14 day thru hike of The Long Trail in Vermont this fall and need longer trails than are available to us near Fort Bragg.  If you want to join our long days are 16-22 miles of hiking and I have the constraint of living super far away in Fayetteville and not getting anything other than weekends off.

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