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In dog sled racing terminology, Gee is the command to turn right and Haw is the command to turn left. Yee Haw is what I was shouting as we sped around the course. :D

Yesterday I went on a dog sled ride around Hope Valley. What an amazing time I had. This is one for my bucket list. (My bucket list doesn't have things I would like to do before I die, mine is a list of things I have already done that are just one-of-a-kind fun). The team of Huskys can pull a sled weight of 375 pounds, so it was perfect for my friend and I to share the cost and ride together.

The mushers, Dottie and Dave, with Husky Express Dog Sled Tours, are an aging duo of good ole' mountain people. They run a team of Huskys who might be as old as they are in dog years. One beautiful Husky is even blind but she loves it so much, she gets to hook up to the end of the team. This is likely the last year the dogs, and mushers, will run before they all retire.

If you ever have a chance, do yourself a favor and take a ride behind a team of these wonderful dogs.

A blur of fur!

Our view from the sled. The dog on the near right is the blind one. She never missed a beat.

This is another team of dogs that run in the valley under the permit of Husky Express. These dogs are a more racing type of dog. They are a Shepard-Coyote mix and they are FAST.




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