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The Guardian on our National Parks


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We've come to appreciate the perspective that the Guardian gives on many stories, and this one really hit home.  It's an excellent discussion of the issues we face moving forward with our national parks. 


We have always been of the opinion that encouraging people to visit the mountains is a good idea, because the more people appreciate our wilderness, the more they will vote for protection of our wild places.  But this article suggests that we may be well beyond the carrying capacity of some of our parks, and more people isn't going to help that at all. On the other hand, we never post geo-locations for any of our photos, and we don't usually recommend specific campsites for two reasons.  One of them is that we think you should find your own scenic treasures.  The other one is that you may prefer something different from what we like, and you should feel free to explore a bit.  At any rate, the story is sobering.  And yes, we contribute to pay for the Guardian's work.

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This article raises a very valid point, in my opinion.  Limiting the number of visitors is the only solution I can realistically see but, as to the "how to do it", I have no easy answer.  The last thing I want to see, though, is areas such as these damaged in any way.

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