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3 - Day Backpacking Loop in May?


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Hey everybody,

PT school is sending me from Michigan to southern Idaho for a 5-week rotation, and I want to take advantage of the week off I have to do some backpacking out west!

I'm looking to do a 3 or 4 day backpacking loop somewhere in the Rockies during the first week of May. It's such a tricky time of year to plan since it's winter in the high country  and summer in the desert. I'm physically fit and looking for an adventure, and have experience backpacking at high altitudes (though I would definitely consider myself a flatlander, being from Michigan). I am wide open when it comes to location, although I would love the trip to include a 13er summit if possible.  I'd be open to going anywhere in the Rockies, driving is not a problem for me and I love solo road trips. 

As a side note, any suggestions on shorter trips from Idaho Falls for my weekends?



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Mark Wetherington

As you noted, it really is a tricky time of year to do much backpacking since the high country is still covered in snow.

The only suggestions I would have would be to do a nice hike along a river -- the Snake (ID/OR border), the Salmon (Idaho), or the Selway (Idaho) all have nice trails along the river and it would be a nice walk (out and back for the first two, you can do the Selway as a point to point hike but it involves a long car shuttle) but definitely not mountain scenery . . . although you'd be looking up at some mountains.

Wish I could be of more help, but the only places I've backpacked in Idaho during April/May have been river trails . . . everything else I've done in July-September.

Best of luck and hope you find something that fits, but you might need to resign yourself to making a return visit to really experience the mountains.

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