Trail Maintenance on the CDT in Montana

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Right away, the drive took me by surprise from Bozeman. The slow grassy fields of farm lands, family ranches, and endlessly straight highway quickly turned to heavily forested and windy roads. Instantly I knew I had to be getting close to the Continental Divide. I rounded a curve in the road, broke out of the forest and there it was smiling above me. Soon thereafter, the turn to Alice Creek was present and my weeklong volunteer adventure on the Continental Divide Trail had slowly began to be realized, as the 11 mile dirt road changed from green dense forest to barren tree trunks with skeleton branches parched red from fire damage. Welcome to the Lewis and Clark Pass trail restoration project on the CDT. Lewis and Clark Pass sits at the toenail of two incredible wildernesses: The Scapegoat and the Bob Marshall. The Scapegoat Wilderness, just to the north of the Pass offers hikers, backpackers, horseback riders, and skiers the dream of remoteness. While the Bob is infamous for its explorer’s namesake, Bob Marshall, it holds its own as an adventurers and explorers playground, making this trail rehab project not only rewarding...

@jansenjournals explores the backountry of Montana by way of a trail maintenance project - take a look at the article in Issue 41:

Of Earth and Fire: Trail Maintenance on Montana’s CDT

Trail Maintenance on Lewis and Clark Pass Montana

Issue 41 Page 1

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