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Goat Rocks Wilderness

Aaron Zagrodnick

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Aaron Zagrodnick

The Goat Rocks offers many beautiful trails and I decided on a loop, beginning the trip at trail number 96 near Chambers Lake. The path from the parking area passes through a mossy forest and low brush, but soon connects with the Pacific Crest Trail that quickly launches into the high country offering views of some stunning vistas. On the way to the alpine country I passed many of the best wildflower areas too, such as Snowgrass Flats. This area offers meadows thick with lupine, beargrass, and Indian paintbrush. But the wildflowers were stunted due to a cool summer, so I’ll be back to view them again in a warmer year. For witnessing the peak of the wildflower bloom, a trip here in early to mid-August is the best time to travel...

David Cobb takes along a scenic loop in the Goat Rocks Wilderness of Washington State, read the full article below in Issue 7:

Goat Rocks Wilderness Loop

Issue 7 Page 1

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