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Hello from South West Florida. I am new to backpacking. I am planning to do some section hikes on the FT this coming winter. I am excited to start out at the Big Cypress National Preserve come January. I was a Forest Ranger in that area, several years, when I started my Fire service career. Now that I am retired I have time to do this. I have been learning all I can from those with lots of trail experience. I have slowly been purchasing all my gear, after extensively reading ratings and reviews. Some of my gear choices: Osprey Rook 65, Six Moons Designs Lunar Solo, Therma-rest Neo Air, Jetboil Minimo, Bearvault 500, Sawyer Squeeze, Black Diamond Carbon Trek poles, Snow peak 300 double wall titanium mug. With Food, two 1 liter bottles of water and other provisions my fully loaded pack is 24 lbs. Im 6 ft 200 lbs. I'm stoked but its too hot and rainy season has started. Perhaps I will need to travel.

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Aaron Zagrodnick

Welcome, sounds like the gear is coming together well...let us know how the trips go!

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