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Backpacking Sequoia Ntl. Park in October


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Hello Everyone, 

I'm interested in backpacking Sequoia Ntl. Park in October this year, starting at Mineral King and making a loop heading north through Bear Meadow onto the Sierra High Trail, east to Kern River and south to Rattlesnake Creek, heading west and north through Franklin Pass. Any thoughts as to what the trail might be like at this time of year? Weather? Likelihood of running into bears or mountain lions? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Good idea Tim.  October is a great month in the Sierra and the crowds are gone   The weather tends to be warm and dry during the day, with cool or cold nights.  Snow is possible so you have to pan for it.   Watch the weather closely. 

Black bears are around but occur in low densities in most of the Sierra.  Manage your food and make some noise when there is dense vegetation around.  Cat encounters are rare especially if you are in a group or bring a dog. 

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