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Yet another Yellowstone question...


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My plan is to spend about a week in the back country of Yellowstone this fall. Am planning to drive to the park, taking in a few other sites on the way and making a proper road trip of it.  My question is this: is it permissible to leave your vehicle at a trailhead  for multiple days?  I don't want to come back and find I have been towed and/or fined for making an incorrect assumption.  Yellowstone is pretty big and I haven't seen anything about shuttle services or the like for getting around the park.

Any insight into this and recommendations are appreciated.


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  • Aaron Zagrodnick changed the title to Yet another Yellowstone question...
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So I got a reply from Yellowstone staff regarding this and thought I would pass it on for anyone interested.  When you get your backcountry pass they will also issue a vehicle pass to display when you are parked at the trailhead.  I don't want to spend a week in the back country only to come out and find I had been towed.

Given what I have learned from researching the trip so far public transport is pretty nonexistent to the park unless it is part of a tour package and rental cars in that area are pretty expensive, so am road tripping this one.  It will give me a good chance to see a few other places on the way.

Hope this helps anyone else interested in such a trip.

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Aaron Zagrodnick

Thanks for the update Jay! Definitely some helpful info - sounds similar to some other NPS areas I’ve backpacked in the past.

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True, my research tho has led me to believe that Yellowstone has some rather unique rules regarding some things and I didn't want to assume.  I was originally going alone but I talked the wife into tagging along also.  She's not going hiking with me due to health reasons but we are going to take in the sights together as well.  Expect pictures when I am back.

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