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Help deciding where to go?

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I'm planning a trip for me, my son-in-law, and grandson, ages 8 to 59.  We are all fit and not afraid of heights.  When I was in Germany, I completed several Alpine klettersteig and via ferrata, including Zugspitze.  It was the most fun I've ever had!  Now, I want to introduce my family to the sport before I get too old.  I would be very grateful if someone could recommend something similar for us here in North America. 

I want something that won't completely scare them to death, but I don't want the 8 year-old to get bored on a long hike looking at trees, either.   When some people say 'beginner', they mean something slightly more challenging than a walk at the mall.  That's not what I'm looking for.  I want something they'll find exciting, but not quite scary enough to make them turn back.  Does that make sense?

I've done some internet searches and found beautiful pictures from Zion National Park, Telluride, and  Canyon Sainte-Anne in Canada, but it's hard to tell from internet pictures if these are really what I'm looking for.   I don't know anyone here who climbs or hikes, so I don't know who to talk to.  Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


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If I were you I would not start a kid and a 60 year old on trails like that. 

I would not hike them my self either. 

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