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The Wilderness Survival QUIZ!


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 Are you interested in TESTING yourself, on your outdoor skill levels? Well, I thought I was up for the QUIZ. Taking the FREE Survival Quiz for me was a clear eye-opener to my level of skill, scoring a 72. I will tell you before taking the test you should not take it as a joke. This is well written multiple-choice, covering almost every type of wilderness environment. In the end, you will be asked for an email address to email your score.



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As a teacher and market researcher, this is not a well written quiz.  There is too much ambiguity in some of the answers...and it seems to simply parrot the text, rather than encourage people to actually understand the material and situations.

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Michael aka Mac

I got a 90.47% on the test  and I have to agree with Balzaccom

of the two I got wrong  only one was actually incorrect being how much body water can a person lose before death.  

The other question on what should I do to lower stress is purely a situational question but within my own mind which deals things differently then other people. Personally none of the choices were tailored for me.  To reduce stress I would either sing or play my recorder flute, so again situational and person specific.

The fact that I am unaware of the exact percentage of water loss that could result in death is of little importance. One cannot squeeze water out of a rock and if no water is available period knowing the exact percentage of water loss that will result in death has no value for surviving.

If instead the question was what method can one procure water, that would be a valid survival question that could increase ones chances of surviving.  

I have taken numerous survival tests and usually I am scoring between 90-100 percent on these tests.  Of all the survival quizzes I have taken this seems to be the least relevant.

Most of the really good survival quizzes will test on in different areas of survival.  One of those quizzes  you are on a sinking ship and you may only take a specific amount of gear with you due to time and weight constraints.  The items you choose and your knowledge of them become part of the test.  Sure  all the items  are survival items  or things that can be used for different purposes such as signaling. At the end of the test you are graded as if you have taken more then one survival quiz. You are graded on what you chose, what you knew of the gear you chose and what one can use it for, then you are also graded on your overall ability to survive: likelihood of being found based on your choices of gear, ability to procure water and food, ability to survive the elements, and ability to maintain your raft and maneuver it.

Pocket  You have the right idea and I implore you to continue to practice with these survival quizzes.  Furthermore, I also suggest to find survival quizzes that are pre-tuned to your specific area.  For example they mentioned black widow spiders, which are not native to us here in New York but I knew about them due to my stint in California. 

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