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MT and WY hiking


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I finally had the opportunity to head out west and do some hiking. Wow! I certainly love the mountains and can't wait to get back! I did some day hikes in Yosemite and a short overnight in the Gallatin Nat'l Forest in MT. This was over Memorial Day and the following week. An amazing trip overall and I can't wait to get back to see even higher elevations. Here are a few pictures but they in no way do justice to the amazing country we have out there:

Headed up to frozen creek

This guy was scattered about with lots of broken bones. Victim?

Evidence our navigation was correct!

The Madison River

The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. Amazing colors!

Wide open spaces

Hiking up Red Canyon to Cabin Creek. Hit some snow in the higher elevations.

Our last snow slope to traverse. We've come this far...

...but still have to get to the bottom. Long day of postholing!

Tried to make some snowshoes for the hike out. They worked pretty good, but the morning snow proved much more stable (flatlander learning).

Hiked out in sleet. That was my favorite, we went up and down a pass and were able to get snow, sleet, and rain as we descended in elevation. Seeing the weather change so rapidly was a great experience and also proved out my layering (flatlander learning again). Best piece was the possum down gloves. Super light, super warm, wet or dry.

Saw lots of bear tracks. Here's a nice size front paw.

Glacier Lilly

The Grand Prismatic. If you go I highly recommend viewing via the Fairy Falls trail. Just scramble up the slope opposite the spring and it's a much better view than right at the spring.

The only bruin we saw and this was in the park. Wildlife everywhere in Yellowstone. Had bison traffic jams in the park. It was great this early in the season but I would hate to try and get around the park in the height of the season!

Elk trying to scratch an itch.

















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Very nice report, and really enjoyed the photos. To a flatlander like myself, this looks like a fantastic experience.

Gary M

Olathe, Kansas

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Aaron Zagrodnick

Great report and photos...Looks like an awesome trip!

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Thanks Gary, it is quite different out there. I could not get over how large the views were. I'm used to the green tunnels around here.

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Thanks Aaron, you guys have some amazing country out there. Can't wait to get back out that way!

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Yeah, green tunnels is a pretty good description. Sometimes I hike western Kansas, and you can see more of the sky, but nothing like where you were at. Great photos, it must have been breathtaking.

Gary M

Olathe, Kansas

Note; Olathe is in eastern Kansas, I have to travel at least into the Flint Hills to get some of those wonderful horizon photos.

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