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Sock recommendations

John S

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Thanks to all who answered my request.  I've purchased one set of Smartwools medium weight and one light - both have been tested at over 10 miles and are doing well.  I've ordered a pair of Darn Toughs and hope to have them by Friday.  Weather should be clear for a test on them.  Thanks again, the socks have made a huge difference.

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Wool socks are good.  Light inner liner socks under your wool socks help prevent friction.  change them.  Wash your feet,  Wash your socks. 

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+2 on a good liner sock first under a good wool sock.  Ive really liked the Farm to Feet wool socks.  And of course make sure your boot/shoe is 1/2 size larger than needed (toes dont touch going down steep declines, accomodate and foot swelling, etc)

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