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Trail Tip 46: Peak Wildflowers

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Aaron Zagrodnick

Most hikers tend to plan trips around landforms that are fairly fixed – arches, waterfalls, peaks, and lakes are some of the most common examples. These destinations tend to shine in every season and planning a trip to them offers a near-certain scenic reward. Most landscapes also offer ephemeral opportunities of beauty with wildflowers and fall colors. In much of North America, spring and summer are peak times for wildflowers. Sections of trail that might otherwise seem mundane suddenly become destinations in their own right as they wind through a forest floor bursting with colors and intricately formed flowers...

@Mark shares this tip on spring and summer backcountry wildflowers - take a look in Issue 46:

Trail Tip: Peak Wildflowers

Trail Tip 46 - Peak Wildflowers and Hiking

Issue 46 Page 1

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The peak flower times vary a lot mostly due to elevation and rainfall timing and amounts. 

Death Valley starts in Feb at sea level.  The High Sierra gets going in late July.  Fall colors from August to November.  I love to look at plants when I am out there. 

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