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Sandals that don't make my feet sweat


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I bought some new sandals since i wanted something more for walking and wider. the local Sierra had the Keen Rialto II H2. they fit well and were very walkable. and on sale for $29! but at home i wore them inside my air conditioned home and after some time I felt wet feet and could smell my feet. I then used them for going to the pool, and even after swimming (clean feet, obviously) they were sweating.

What is it abut these shoes that make my feet sweat and what should i look for? i assume the leather is to blame. 

I never have sweaty or smelly feet. My old sandals are a bit more open, and may start sweating a bit, but not as much. In boots or other shoes i never have smelly feet, even after a full day. the whole point of sandals is to be suitable for summer and without socks. I've worn cheap sandals all my life and they were never worse than tennis shoes etc. Admittedly, most my sandals were more open. So, I'm really puzzled by this. 

Here what Keen advertises them. IME, nothing of this is even near true:

CLEANSPORT NXT™ for natural odor control

washable, quick-dry polyester webbing upper

Quick-dry lining for active use

Since int he store i have to wear socks (which i don't when using sandals normally) i can't even test Sandals. So what features should i look for to not have sweating feet? 

what I want:

- closed toe (I like the general look of the Rialto, conservative and for every day)

- quick lace of some sort

- comfortable enough to walk around the neighborhood, or in daily summer life (not hiking or real long distances). the Rialto feel good enough.

I'll go to a local REI/dicks (all we have) to try some on, but in the store I can't test sweatiness (short use only, sock requirement)

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