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Our Last Hike with Dad

Aaron Zagrodnick

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Aaron Zagrodnick

Sunfish Pond is glacial lake nestled in a forest of hardwoods, mountain laurels, and massive boulders. It is skirted by the Appalachian Trail and lies within the confines of Worthington State Forest in Columbia, New Jersey. The lure of this place has become a part of the very essence of my husband Nick’s family. They all adore it and claim it as their power spot. There are countless memories and family stories of the pond, many told long before it became a popular hiking destination. The first time Nick took me up there, it was easy to see why they felt so much love for this place. It is magical in any season and wildlife is abundant. It is a place where you’ll forget you’re in New Jersey, just two hours away from home in a sprawling city. As a child, Nick hiked up to the pond frequently. Together, I can’t even count how many times we’ve been there.

Sarah Tiedemann and family on a memorable hike, one last time to Sunfish Pond in New Jersey. Read the full article below in Issue 10:

Our Last Hike with Dad

Issue 10 Page 1

Our Last Hike With Dad by Sarah Tiedemann

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