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The Drive Home - The Easy Route

Aaron Zagrodnick

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Aaron Zagrodnick

We’d been planning the route for a year – A loop hike over 5 days through parts of the Wind River Range that Jen and I hadn’t yet had a chance to explore. No shuttle needed, easy logistics, and we even convinced the grandparents to watch over our 1 year old son and 11 year old dog while we were gone. We definitely weren’t used to having to care only for ourselves, if we even remembered how. The weather forecast couldn’t be better. We said our long goodbyes early on a Monday, and made the 2 hour drive from home to the western side of the Wind River Range, which would both shave some miles and elevation gain off the hike. As we drove we began to see the high passes along our planned route, looking impossibly steep from so far away.

Left or right at the fork? A simple decision, complicated consequences. 5 days backpacking in the Wind River Range. Read the full article below in Issue 10:

The Easy Route

Issue 10 Page 1

Wind River Range Backpacking Route

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