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Backpacking in the Bob Marshall Wilderness

Aaron Zagrodnick

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Aaron Zagrodnick

There’s a geologically interesting Chinese Wall that’s not in China. It is part of the million-plus acre Bob Marshall Wilderness of Montana and consists of a 15-mile, 1000-foot cliff of limestone that runs north to south along the Continental Divide. The last time I hiked along the base of the wall was in mid-June during my hike of the Continental Divide from Canada to Mexico. That time I post-holed through 4-12 feet of snow, so I wanted to return in nicer climes and for the opportunity of better photography.

David Cobb recounts a recent trip to “The Bob” - Read the full article below in Issue 10:

A Visit to the Chinese Wall

Issue 10 Page 1

Backpacking to the Chinese Wall, Bob Marshall Wilderness, Montana

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