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Hiking the Coastal Trail in Lake Superior Provincial Park

Aaron Zagrodnick

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Aaron Zagrodnick

As I hopped from rock to rock, I felt as if I was on a rugged off-trail route-finding backpacking adventure in the mountains. But if I took a moment to look up from the boulders, to my left there was a large and endless body of water. I was not in the mountains. I was on a rocky coast. The air was fresh and clean. The water was surprisingly calm. I was not at the ocean, but on the eastern shore of Lake Superior. This tedious rock-hop was part of Lake Superior Provincial Park’s Coastal Trail, one of the most spectacular coastal trails in North America. Lake Superior Provincial Park, located about ninety-five minutes north of the United States/Canada border and between each country’s respective city of Sault Ste. Marie, is one of the largest provincial parks in Ontario. Its coastal trail follows the coast for sixty-five kilometers that are breathtaking both with scenery and challenging terrain.

After arriving late at night and sleeping in my car, I set out to complete the entire trail from south to north early the next morning. From the provincial park visitor center, I discovered my first view of Lake Superior at a sandy beach. The trail began smoothly and peacefully in the forest without rocks or roots...

In Issue 48, @Eric details this hike of the Coastal Trail in Lake Superior Provincial Park. Take a look at the full article in Issue 48:

Shoreline Paradise: Hiking Lake Superior Provincial Park’s Coastal Trail

Backpacking Lake Superior Provincial Park's Coastal Trail

Issue 48 Page 1

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