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Backpacking the Flinders Ranges, Australia

Aaron Zagrodnick

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Aaron Zagrodnick

The Flinders Ranges are the dominant range in South Australia. Running roughly north/ south for 500 km, from Mt Remarkable in the south, to Mawson Plateau in the north, it is geologically and ecologically similar throughout. It is a semi-arid to arid system and enjoys fairly reliable winter rainfall. The area is known for its flash flooding capacity, when the gorges have walls of water rushing through. It is a really ancient place. In deep geological time this range was higher than the Himalaya. Rippled rock faces are evident here and there, telling of a time when it was all under the sea.

Tim Eisemann details backpacking this scenic Australian destination in Issue 11:

Stories from the Flinders Ranges

Issue 11 Page 1

Flinders Range Hiking in Australia

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