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Nonstop Bebop

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Nonstop Bebop

Well, i guess the best place to start would be a little something about myself. My name is Josh, I'm 29 years old, and I've been hiking and camping for just over a decade now. I've had some great experiences, and I've had some pretty poor experiences, but that hasn't stopped me from enjoying nature.

I've done a small section of the AT back when i was 18 and it was almost entirely solo aside from the people that i met along the way. Back then, i had barely a clue what i was doing when it came to serious trail hikes. I didn't have anything close to the right gear when i started, but i had the skills.

Since then, i have learned a lot and gathered the things i would need for a true long distance hike. Well...almost. I have nobody to share it with, nobody that would care to actually hike with me that isn't intent on trying to set a world record for fastest time or the least weight. I'm looking at you folks who take the ultralight thing way too seriously.

I'm also a lifelong survivalist, have been ever since the first time I've read Gary Paulsen's book Hatchet. So maybe that would help to explain my habit of always carrying a little more than i need. But that's just a little about myself for now and maybe by April of 2021 I'll be able to find someone to take the hike with me. It won't be a full AT through hike this time, but maybe next time.

Josh (aka Bebop)

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